Hannah Milena Piel

Hannah Milena Piel recently joined the firm as a salary partner in spring 2019.  She has been a lawyer since 2004 and a certified specialist lawyer in criminal law since 2007. Hannah Milena Piel is a proven specialist in appeals with an excellent rate of success.  She advises and defends clients in all areas of white collar criminal law.  She has particular experience in large-scale cases (e.g. Loveparade).  A further focus of her work is advising and representing clients in international criminal proceedings.

Hannah Milena Piel has been a member of the board of the Economic Criminal Law Associatioin (WisteV) since 2010.  She is also responsible for the editing of the online journal WisteV-Journal, WiJ, which has been published since 2012.  She regularly works as a speaker at conferences and as an author.  From 2010 to 2015, she was a lecturer on criminal defence at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

Hannah Milena Piel studied at the Universities of Constance and Bologna. She completed her legal clerkship at the Constance Regional Court and at the German Embassy in Beijing. During this time, she gave lectures on criminal law for law students in Constance and was a research assistant to the chairs of Prof. Dr. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Rengier.

At the beginning of her legal career, Hannah Milena Piel worked in the office of Prof. Dr. Gunter Widmaier in Karlsruhe, which specialises almost exclusively in criminal law appeals.  Widmaier, the "King of Appeals" (Gisela Friedrichsen), imparted to her a sense for when and where new legal issues could be raised. There she gained the skills to formulate legal problems with impressive clarity and to develop high quality solutions. Before moving to , she was a partner at a criminal law boutique firm in Düsseldorf for many years.

She is a member of the Cologne Bar Association (KAV), the German Bar Association (DAV), the Criminal Law Working Group of the DAV, the Economic Criminal Law Association (WisteV), the Association of German Criminal Defenders e.V. and the Cologne Bar Association.

Hannah Milena Piel speaks fluent English and Italian.

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