Criminal proceedings against doctors have long since ceased to be taboo. On the contrary, medical criminal law is booming. Whereas in the past medical malpractice was nearly the exclusive focus, today the economic activity of doctors is increasingly gaining attention. Accusations of billing fraud, embezzlement, or bribery in business transactions are quickly made. The pressure to prosecute has increased, once again, as a result of the new statutory bodies set up to combat misconduct in the health care system. A successful defence in medical criminal law therefore requires legal knowledge and experience in criminal law and medical law. A physician always appreciates working with a defence lawyer who is familiar with the world of life and work in the health care system.

The same applies to hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers. They are facing new challenges, but are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of investigators. Their legitimate economic interests are competing with a number of restrictive regulations that are only readily comprehensible to specialists. Preventive advice to companies and their support during ongoing investigations and criminal proceedings are therefore particularly important to us in the area of medical criminal law.

Individuals from are experts in these issues and are ready to advise you.

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