Criminal law has gone global. What was until recently regarded as the epitome of national sovereignty is today an international phenomenon. German companies are searched for Sicilian court decisions, Dutch business acquaintances suddenly find themselves in a Munich prison after an American extradition warrant. No German citizen is safe from a similar fate anywhere in the world.

The European Union has decided to steer national criminal law and criminal procedure intensively through its own legislative acts. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is increasingly deciding on criminal law issues. The European Court of Human Rights has had greater influence on German criminal justice than the Bundestag in recent years.

Criminal defence therefore means international defence in practice today. This includes communication in several foreign languages as well as contacts to foreign colleagues, knowledge of extradition and EU law, or experience at international courts.

takes these necessities into account. Advice is offered in several foreign languages, including English, French, Greek, Spanish and Norwegian.

The lawyer Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sommer is one of the most experienced specialists of the legal profession in the field of international criminal law and is available as a consultant and defender. He has not only been one of the few German delegates to the CCBE (the European Parliament of Lawyers) to participate in European legislative procedures, but has also been involved in international developments in criminal law through numerous publications. Hardly any other German defence lawyer has lodged so many human rights complaints with the Court of Justice in Strasbourg on behalf of his clients.

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