“Don’t drink and drive. But if you do... Call Me!”
Saul Goodman

Everyone is involved in road traffic in one way or another. Every year, legislators enact numerous new regulations to regulate traffic, and the traffic monitoring network is becoming increasingly strict. There is no other sub-discipline of criminal and administrative offence law that the average citizen encounters more frequently.

Even a careful driver can make a mistake, sometimes with serious consequences for their driving licence. Such consequences do not always mean a simple warning or fine. In fact, rule violations can result in driving bans, criminal offences, heavy fines or even imprisonment, and the loss of one’s driving licence.

Many traffic offences are also associated with a point system at the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. From there, through the fine collection authorities and public prosecutor's office, offences are reported to the road traffic office responsible for the holder of the driving licence and regularly lead to administrative legal repercussions. More and more often, the road traffic authorities order follow-up training, traffic therapy, or a medical-psychological examination (MPU) for the surprised individual at the conclusion of the criminal or fine case – and not always rightly.

We defend you therefore not only with all traffic fine and criminal cases, but also represent you opposite the road traffic office with all questions and proceedings concerning your driving licence.

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