Controlled substances offences play a wide-ranging role in criminal law, but also constitute a specialized field of criminal law in itself. Specialists and specialization can be found at all levels of the police, prosecution investigation units, and the courts involved. The diversity and intensity of the investigative methods, multifaceted and ever-advancing technologically, characterise current controlled substances procedures.

One’s defence should therefore be placed in the hands of an expert. Secretive investigation methods - such as telephone surveillance, eavesdropping, GPS and geodata evaluation, as well as the use of undercover agents, police informants and surprise witnesses of questionable origin and motivation - must be countered by the defence through close monitoring of police procedure and its results. The threats for the accused, which arise in light of the entire investigative arsenal, often have to be dealt with through the defence’s own investigations and counter reconnaissance.

Knowledge of the peculiarities, the special written and unwritten laws, and the informal routines of controlled substances criminal procedure are the basic prerequisites to set the right course in defence. Not least of all because of the complexity of the entire procedural conditions, the defence counsel has a wide range of possibilities at his disposal to help shape the proceedings and to steer them in the direction of the goals developed jointly with the client. The sooner the accused puts his trust and confidence in his defence, the better his chances in the proceedings will be.

Individual experts from are available to provide defence sensitively and effectively in this problematic field of law.

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