Discovered by crime fighters as a modern "epidemic" of society, promoted by legislators and courts inspired by the zeitgeist, corruption criminal law has developed into a precarious problem of current economic life. It is common knowledge that handing over money to a municipal official to receive a building permit is a punishable offence. The fact that a hospital physician can now face the same accusation after taking part in a buffet of a pharmaceutical company is something that most people are unaware of. In recent years, the grey area of possible criminal action has increased to an extent that is hardly recognisable.

Bribery has become a general economic problem since § 299 of the German Penal Code (StGB) established criminal activities in purely private sectors. Without any official having to be involved, an advantage of any kind on the part of an employee when awarding a contract can trigger criminal charges. The so-called SIEMENS scandal has made it clear that planning companies in this area ("black funds") are closely linked to other criminal charges such as breach of trust or tax evasion. The IntBestG extends corruption in an additionally complicated way to every international business.

Almost every complex economic activity today requires criminal screening to protect against risks. inform, advise and - if the public prosecutor's office already has suspicions - defend. Almost all defense attorneys of the firm were actively involved, for example, in the corruption affair of the so-called "Cologne garbage scandal".

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